A mountaineering adventure with the opportunity to climb the three highest peaks of Morocco’s Atlas Mountain Range and North Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Toubkal (4167m).

Trekking to the summit of Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa, is undoubtedly a physical challenge when it is covered in its majestic winters garb.

With the expert help and support from our UK and Local team though we can all enjoy the summits together.

Reaching the top of North Africa and the Atlas Mountain Range, looking over the valleys, mountains, desert and sea is a truly humbling experience, never to be forgotten.

Mount Toubkal Expedition

Total number of days                    7 days

Grade & days trekking                  4 climbing days

Climbing Toubkal in winter generally requires wearing crampons and using a walking ice-axe. However, the ascent (by either the south or north Cwm routes) is not technical and so you do not necessarily need prior experience using an axe or crampons as you will be under the watchful eye of one our guides. (We would not recommend you climbing Toubkal in winter without a winter experienced guide if you do not have prior winter walking / climbing experience).

In terms of fitness, you should be used to or fit enough to cope with 6-8 hour days in the mountains for the duration of your trip bearing in mind that the weather whilst generally favourable can make life much more difficult at 4000m’s if it turns nasty.                                                 

Accommodation                             Hotel, Riad & Mountain Refuge                                                            

Dates                                                 21st – 27th 2021

Cost                                                    £350 registration fee and then raise

                                                            £2000 minimum sponsorship

(Please note: Expedition costs of £950 will be paid from your minimum sponsorship.)