The North Saharan steppe is a desert eco region that forms the northern edge of the Sahara. It extends east and west across Northern Africa.

It covers 1,675,300 square kilometers (646,800 sq. mi) in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, and Western Sahara.

The climate in this eco region is hot and dry in the summer but cooler with some possible rain in the winter. Atlantic depressions sometimes penetrate inland between October and April. Rainfall is erratic, but averages 100 mm in the north, nourishing a variety of plants that flower before the hot, dry summer although there may be years where there is no rain at all.

During the summer, temperatures regularly rise to 40 to 45 °C

This 8-day North African adventure is a once in a lifetime experience and the route across this incredible landscape we use makes this a perfectly suitable trek for the average fit walker.

North Saharan Steppe Expedition

Total number of days                    8 days

Grade & days trekking                  5 trekking days   1 4×4 off-road drive

No previous trekking experience is necessary, but you need to be an active walker. You should be training before your trek, as typically you will be walking between 4 – 7 hours over several consecutive days. Be prepared for rough and rocky trails at times. This trek requires no technical skills and is fully supported.

Dates      January 11th – 18th 2021

Cost       £350 registration fee and then raise £2000 minimum sponsorship

(Please note: Expedition costs of £850 will be paid from your minimum sponsorship.)