“Driving” down the Meru Betiri Road. Indonesia.  © 2013 Craig Borthwick

Setting out on an overland adventure normally takes a massive amount of planning and preparation. Passports, visa, insurance, supplies, it’s all part of the fun. As part of your preparations and planning you’ll probably seek out training appropriate to your venture and route. Bush mechanics, 4×4 off road driving skills will all help make for a smoother journey but sometimes people will overlook the most important training they could easily undertake.

First aid and safety training.

In areas with limited emergency response resources, limited medical facilities and, in many cases, non-existent suitably trained personnel and supplies it’s imperative that you can be self-sufficient and rely on yourselves in your hour of need.

Venture Safely and it’s medical wing Venture Medical provide overland adventurers with all the training they could possibly need in the field of self preservation on the road.

Our Adventurous Activities Outdoors First Aid training gives you an exceptional understanding of remote and wilderness first aid whilst our Advanced First Aid training goes so much further, providing you with the skills to clean and close wounds, identify and prevent infection and work with medicines in an overseas environment.

Our Overland Travel Safety course covers everything from dealing with conflict resolution and corrupt officials at road blocks to car-jacking and vehicle security, identifying improvised explosive devices and mines and incident reaction training and international travel and journey management.

Finally, our Road Rescue & Recovery course equips you with the skills to deal with casualties specific to road accidents from the management and movement of them to recovering injured parties from vehicles, culminating in sessions on the importance of “creating space” to free entrapped causalities from vehicles using equipment you’ll be carrying.

All courses can be undertaken as single entities however twice a year we run our Ultimate Overlanding six day course covering all the above to make sure you are best prepared for your journey ahead.

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